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BEMMA - Services to the member

Services to the members

The association patronizes and works for establishment and development of Electrical products manufacturing industries in the private sector. It looks after the problems and barriers to the improvements of the private sector industries inn respect of procuring modern machineries with high technology, access to finance and world market with world class quality of its products. It arranges workshop, training scheme etc. for the workers at home and sends the owners to international machinery and high technology fairs, seminars etc. abroad. It represents the members to the Government authorities, public bodies etc. for removing their grievances and meeting the legitimate demands. BEMMA serves its members in respect of the problem about taxes, duties, VAT and ensure their participation to National Exchequer. It exercises its responsibility in placing appropriate proposals to impose or withdraw, increase or decrease the taxes, surcharges, levies etc. to the NBR at the time of preparation of National Budget every year in order to protect the interest and ensure the survival of the local industries.